Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chemeketa Accounting Students-This Is For You!

Well, I am sitting in my office with a few minutes before class making sure I get this done for you.  I found out last week that I am doing a 30 minute resume workshop for the accounting career event tomorrow and frankly I was not thrilled at first giving the little time I had.  However, I support all students and I have prepared some awesome material for you!  Below is the link to the Prezi I am presenting tomorrow (Friday, May 10) including resume examples.  Will add more information later!  Have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are You Graduating In June 2013?  Have You Started Preparing For "The Real World?"

Yes, it's time to start thinking about being a professional and contributing to our society in a meaningful way!  I know you you are just trying to get done with your term but if you don't start preparing soon, the "good" jobs maybe be gone.  Here are some tips on how to prepare NOW for your career after graduation.

  • Tune-up Your Resume and Cover Letter!  Wait, Create One First!
    • Register for a resume writing class this summer!  You will cover not just resumes but cover letters and applications plus what employers look for.
    • Meet with our Career Center located in the Counseling and Advising Office in Building 2.  Checkout the resources available to you.
    • Sign-up to use our services where you can get updates on job openings.
    • Register for Weekend Resume and Job Search course on Friday, April 19th from 6-9 and Saturday, April 20th from 9-5.  This is a 1 credit course.  Register for CRN# 74801
    • Spring Clean Your Resume Event-join us on April 17th from 11-1 in the Student Center for a quick 10 minute review of your draft resume.  No appointment necessary!
    • Participate in the Career Center Job Fair on April 24th from 9-2.  Up to 30 employers will be present and you can enter our raffle!
    • Participate in the Career Center Job Fair on May 17th at our Yamhill Campus from 9-1-Fun fact-the UFO Festival will also be taking place on this day in McMinnville. 
  • Work On A Cover Letter!
    • The Career Center has great resources about cover letters.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with our staff.  They can help you create a winning cover letter and resume!
    • You can also register for the class mentioned above.  We will also be creating cover letters.
  • Complete A Resume Questionnaire Or Mock Application!  Organize Yourself!
    • There is nothing more embarrassing than not having contact information of people you have worked for or even the name of the company you worked for! 
    • Start writing down all of you jobs.  Really think about EVERYTHING you have done. 
    • Look up contact information for all of your past jobs
    • The Career Center and CWE have handouts to help you organize your job search materials.
    • Keep everything (sample application, cover letter, resume, letters of recommendations) in a portfolio or 3 ring binder of some kind and take this will you during your job search.
  • Start Networking!
    • Think about completing a CWE (Cooperative Work Experience) this summer where you can gain hands-on experience in your field of study.
    • Tell everyone you know that you are graduating and in what field. 
    • Have a conversation with your instructors about companies and places you should be looking to apply or if they know of anyone they can recommend to you.
    • Conduct informational interviews with businesses you are interested in eventually working for.  Make sure they know you are a student and don't take up more than 20-30 minutes of their time.  Also, this is strictly information gathering.  DO NOT ASK FOR A JOB DURING AN INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW!
  • Start Lining Up Your References!
    • Think about who you will ask to be a reference and ask them now.  If they hesitate, don't use them!
    • Make sure you have at least 3 solid references (employer, instructor).  Don't waste your time with having family and friends as references unless you worked for them.  Even then, they won't be very strong references.
    • Give your references a "heads up" when you have used them so they are prepared for that phone call.
    • Give your references a copy of your job description and application materials so they know exactly what job you are applying for.
  • Go Forth and Be Employed!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Get Ahead! Register for Career Courses!

Need another credit?  Preparing to graduate soon?  Want a summer job?  You may want to register for our career courses to help you win a job!

  •  FE205C Interviewing for Success CRN# 71399 (1 credit) Fridays, 12:30-1:20pm in 2/116.  Hybrid/Partially Online course.  First class meeting mandatory!  Instructor, Gary Kuhn
  • FE205B Resumes & Job Search Correspondence  CRN# 71394 (1 credit), Online.  Instructor  Gary Kuhn
  • FE205B Resumes & Job Search Correspondence CRN# 74801 (1 credit), face-to-face course.  Offered, Friday, April 19th 6-9pm & Saturday, April 20th 9am-5pm in 6/101.  Instructor, Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
  • CG120 Focus on Careers CRN# 75445 (3 credits) TR 1:00-2:20, face-to-face course in 6/101. Instructor, Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
  • CG120 Focus on Careers CRN# 72419 (3 credits) TR 1:00-2:20, face-to-face course in 3/268.  Instructor, Glen Miller

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CWE (Cooperative Work Experience) IS IT FOR YOU?

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As a Chemeketa Community College student, I'm guessing you don't sit around your kitchen table discussing your career choices before you graduate.  I'm guessing you are just trying to get through each term, register for the right courses, get your financial aid (or not), supporting your family, write the paper that is due tomorrow and simply figuring out your day-to-day routine.  Well, I hate to tell you this but you should be discussing your career from day one at Chemeketa!  Ask yourself these questions-Do I have work experience in the field I am majoring in?  Do I know what career options I have available to me?  Do I understand what employers are looking for besides a degree?  Am I the right fit for the program I am in?  What am I cooking for dinner tonight (oops, that's what I'm thinking)?

Did you know that as a student at Chemeketa Community College, you can get work experience in your field of study while earning credit that transfers and goes towards your degree?  Surprise, you can!  Chemeketa has a dynamite CWE program (AKA-internship type program) where you can do just what I said before.  Earn credit for working in your field study (program of study)!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, there are a few hoops you  have to jump through, but painless ones.  If you are in a program at Chemeketa, you must be in your second year (2-year program) or third term (1-year program) and hold a 2.5 GPA to qualify for CWE.  If you are working towards a transfer degree, you just have to have 12 credits as a Chemeketa student under your belt and hold a 2.5 GPA.

Call our office at 503-399-5028 or come by our office in Building 2/115-Counseling and Career Services to find out which instructor and coordinator you need to meet with and give yourself a jump start towards your career!